Awareness Driver Training

Get started with the best forklift training nationwide

We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our clients and students when it comes to industrial forklift training. We have a modern approach towards providing the training which results in satisfied students and successful careers. We give each of our students the importance and value that they deserve. Our forklift training is designed to provide an exceptional experience and comfort to the students. Individual requirements call for tailored forklift training which we are an expert at. We find best possible means to provide you the knowledge and skill which you have expected from us.

Counterbalance forklift training

A major chunk of our forklift training is carried out on a counterbalance truck. It is the most common forklift used all across the UK. These machines are great when it comes to balancing load. They are simple, compact and easy to operate.

Reach truck training

The second most common forklift used in the country is a reach truck. As the name suggests, it only moves forward once the load is secured. Warehouses and other industrial places use reach trucks for stocking purposes.

Types of forklift training we offer

Forklift training isn’t just enrolling and practicing with the machine for a day to get a certificate. It’s much more than that.

  • Corporate forklift training
  • We offer corporate forklift training for groups in affordable rates. Our clients love us and bring groups of their employees for the training that is going to boost their profits.

  • Individual forklift training
  • Our instructors give you undivided attention during the training. They analyse your learning abilities and then tailor the training according to your capabilities.

  • Novice forklift training
  • This is the course that we recommend to the people who are new in this field and know nothing about handling machines. We start from the basics in this course until you become an expert.

  • Intermediate forklift training
  • This suits people who are familiar with the subject and industry prior to enrolling. Our instructors then only focus on the parts where you require assistance and training.

  • Refresher forklift training
  • The refresher training is for the people who are already working as forklift operators and require a revision. Most of the companies send their employees for refresher forklift training to ensure workplace safety.

Looking for funds?

We are offering our students a 0% interest rate funding option with which they can train now and pay later.